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Siberian Cats
New Arrivals

New Arrivals are posted at eight weeks of age. We do use a waiting list.

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I ship anywhere in the U.S., and abroad with some restrictions. My cattery is based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area near an American Airlines hub. We get more direct flights than anywhere else. However, Continental Airlines is the only airlines that flys kittens during the summer.


I like all kittens to be at least 14 weeks of age prior to travel. If you plan to pick up your kitten the age should be12 weeks.


The qualities of the kittens are Pet - Middle - Show. The written standards of CFA and TICA determined the quality. The farther away from the standards the closer you get to a pet quality. You may purchase middle or show kitten. All kittens will be fixed unless you qualify as a breeder.

Registration papers on all my kittens sent to homes once I've received them from the Registry.  To protect the integrity of the new breed, I'm unable to sell any breeder rights to any pet-quality cats. 

If you're a breeder, my only stipulation for extending breeder rights to a breed or show quality kitten is that you've been breeding for more than one year. I will need a copy of a litter registration proving this 

If you decide to purchase a kitten from me, I do require that the cat be kept indoors, fed only premium food and have shots that are kept up to date. I will also stay in touch with you as your kitten grows. If you ever have a question about your new kitten, I'm only a phone call or email away.

We will be glad to add you to the waiting list


Brown tabby girl born 05-01-04

sweet dark brown tabby second picture

second female kitten

second kitten

third female kitten

second picture of third kitten

We are expecting soon