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Koshechka R Us (siberian kittens are us) Cattery is a cattery dedicated to the advancement of the Siberian cats.

The Siberians cats can be described as our foot ball players of the cat world with Main Coons as our basketball players

Female cats average 8-13 lbs, males average 10-17 lbs, with some being larger.  Males do become much more muscular than females, but I have found are just as loving as the females once they are fixed. Siberians are slow to mature and take up to five years to fully develop.Our Jupiter is already twenty pounds at the age of two.

They are protective, loving with a dog like nature, making them a delight to own. Up close and personal. From the top of the cat tree they love to look down on you. I find my self talking to this cat that seems to understand every word I say or he is just being polite and listening. This Siberian follows me where ever I go. I am forever having one of my cats curled in my arms as I sleep. 

I never read a paper without at least one tail in the way. They are in my arms and on there backs to have me scatch thier tummys. I never leave home without one.

Today, we have two cattery's, Koshechka R Us for the Siberians and Lapurrfect for the Selkirk Rex Cats.(

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SGC BOB RW Onix Gloria Jupiter of Koshechkarus
2002 Best Of The Breed Siberian Cat
The International Cat Association
South Central Regions Eighth Best Cat

SGC RW BOB Onix Gloria Jupiter of Koshechkarus
Rare Shaded Golden Tabby

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